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Our Mission

Simple: to create everlasting floral pieces

for the betterment of pets and humans alike, while instilling an eco-conscious,

sustainable mindset

in every aspect of our business.

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Sola & Sustainability

Sola flowers are created from the solapith plant, commonly found
in South Asia, thriving in warm, swampy areas. Only the stems are used to form paper products.
Once dried, they are cut and shaped individually by hand.
They are molded into a variety
of flowers and sizes. Naturally, they're an ivory color, but we can dye them any color imaginable! If you have a custom request, please feel free to message us.
We're proud to be working with sola flowers. They're an eco-friendly alternative to silk or plastic, made with biodegradable, natural, and sustainable materials. Our goal is to also source preserved greenery and accent flowers, rather than silk or plastic.
We're always striving to be eco-conscious in other ways, too. All our packaging is sourced from 100% recycled and post-consumer content, and handmade where possible.
In everything we do, we're aiming to achieve and maintain zero waste with biodegradable and sustainable content.

Eco-Friendly Alternatives

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